Just be you!

As you may know, I started my blog about six weeks ago. My business coach spent a lot of time encouraging me to do this and be brave enough to put my words out there for the whole world to see! 

After countless hours (maybe days when all counted up), of trawling social media, I became very aware of the continued stress to be perfect not only in our looks but in every aspects of our lives. 

The majority of us don't show the real side of our lives or businesses. But on the flip side who wants to see that? Is this why we all feel more stressed, more anxious, and filled with self doubt? 

Recently while I was having a few days away from worrying about juggling balls and spinning plates, and was chatting to an old friend who said that it was time to work on the blog. ‘Who wants to hear what I have to say?’ I asked, her reply? ‘Just be you!’

Just be you…. I pondered that and thought well maybe, how did I get here and why is my ethos on beauty of interest to you? 

When I began working for myself twenty years ago I wanted to change the beauty world and thought I already knew so much. 

The world of beauty salons has evolved massively in that time and to be honest so my views. My fundamental core beliefs and my passion for the industry has not. 

Our job is to help make you feel the best you can be through all those times. Beauty is not all about how you look; it’s about how we make you feel, it’s about those of you who have low self confidence being made to feel gorgeous; it’s about the new lashes making your life easier in the morning; when you have to do the school run and still be looking put together for work; it’s about us helping you with your skincare concerns and still offering realistic results in a way that fits for your lifestyle.

Fortunately I have a wonderful award winning team working with me and I still believe that the ethos of BB is truth. We won’t ever lie to you, we wont ever give you a treatment you don't need, you don't want, or that we don't believe in - I must admit even my skincare routine lapses from time-to-time, but we are all human! 

Our building has just gone through a huge exterior renovation, but BB is still filled with love, laughter and honesty. I hope you love it as much as I do and please feel free to let us know!

As a result we do sometimes (and no doubt frustratingly!) run late for appointments. Why? Because at BB we don’t see people and their bodies as a one size fits all appointment slot! We want you to look and feel your best and are prepared to invest as much time as it takes to help you achieve this.

Hoping to see you soon for a coffee and a chat!

love Caroline x