BB uses the 'clean and easy' wax system. Rollers are one of the most advanced and hygienic systems. Our team have perfected the art of waxing to be efficient, fast and accurate to allow the treatment to be as comfortable as possible with maximum results. We also use hot wax on intimate areas for a longer lasting result, less pain and less irritation. A far superior technique with quality products. The Perron rigot wax will only adhere to hair and therefore no after pain from intimate waxing!

Eyebrow Shape  Waxing £10.00
Eyebrow Shape Threading £10.00
Upper Lip or chin  £8.00
Upper Lip and Chin  £10.00

Hot wax
Hollywood with or without landing strip*  £30.00
Basic bikini line*  £15.00
Underarms*  £10.00

Strip wax
Bikini line £12.00  
Back/Chest £22.00
Full leg £23.00
Three quarters leg £20.00
Half leg £16.00
Under arm £10.00
Arms £18.00

* Uses gentle hot wax

Mum and daughter waxing package
Your daughter will receive 30% off her waxing if you both have a waxing appointment at the same time with the same therapist. Please note daughter must be 16 or under


Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal that is often used on small areas. During an electrolysis session, a small needle is inserted into your hair follicle and a current of electricity is sent through the needle or probe to 'kill' the hair.

We use the 'blend' Electrolysis technique which is faster and more efficient than other traditional methods and with regular visits unwanted hair-growth can be significantly reduced.

We offer a complimentary consultation prior to treatment to ensure this is the best hair removal method for you.

Prices start at £20.00 for up to 10 minutes | £25.00 for up to 20 minutes | £30.00 for up to 30 minutes

Aculight IPL

Aculight (also known as IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Therapy) is a unique permanent hair reduction treatment effective for almost all hair types and body areas. Hair growth is reduced effectively and painlessly through non invasive light therapy.

IPL treatments are similar to laser treatments but we have more flexibility with hair and skin types and therefore can treat a more varied range of client. 

We conduct a thorough complimentary consultation prior to any Aculight hair reduction treatment. A course of treatment is recommended to gain the best results. All prices are subject to an in-depth consultation by a trained Aculight operator.

A Patch Test is required before we can commence any treatment, this can be done at the consultation stage for £20.00.

You can purchase five Aculight treatments and receive the sixth treatment free.

Prices start from: 
Upper Lip £35.00
Face Small Area £65.00
Face Extended Area £90.00
Full Face Extended Area £135.00
Shoulders £125.00
Full Back £165.00
Chest Small Area £65.00
Full Chest £165.00
Bikini £78.00
Brazilian £102.00
Hollywood £135.00
Upper Legs excluding knees £165.00
Lower Legs including knees £165.00
3/4 Leg £240.00
Full Legs £280.00
Under Arms £78.00
1/2 Arms £84.00
Full Arm £188.00


This treatment will exfoliate the face and remove peach fuzz (velus hair). It will allow better penetration of your products, it will improve the appearance of rough, dry skin, mild scarring, fine lies & wrinkles.

Results are a more refined smooth glowing appearance with flawless make up application.

Individual treatment: £65.00