Skin brightening events. Limited availability

Let's get your skin glowing for Christmas Parties!

After the popularity of our last skin brightening day we will be offering several skin brightening sessions which will include a cleanse tone and an application of the LACM home care peel which is left to work it's magic while you relax with a mini scalp massage. This is perfect for those of you suffering with acne, scarring, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation  or anyone who is after that instant glow and short of time. With no downtime this is one of our most results driven quick fix facials!

On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November we have availability with Fi  and Tuesday 11th  with Ruby.

These cannot be booked online please call or message us to book.

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Sleep Easy facial.

This treatment begins with deep breathing techniques to calm your mind and centre you, whilst clearing the room of negative energy with our beautiful tingsha bells. 
Begin a journey focusing on your emotional well being as well as your skin. 
After a cleanse and tone we will apply warming compresses enriched with our comforting oils of lavender and mandarin to keep you in a deep state of relaxation ( mandarin oil is an amazing stress reliever ) 
After an amazing massage focusing on drainage and pressure points Fi will then apply a mask whilst doing a scalp massage. 
The result - brightened skin with a relaxed mind and body. 

Did you know that in the UK, 16 million of us have sleep issues and 74% of us have felt stressed or overwhelmed in the last year. Why not spend some time with one of talented therapists  this week and see if she can help?

Available to book on our app now, message us or book here

Mummy's retreat Pregnancy package.
We will now be offering our, pregnancy massage package “mummy retreat”.
You will be greeted and welcomed into a robe and slippers and with a warming drink have a welcoming foot soak and foot and leg massage in our beautiful new pedicure area.
Take a gentle stroll up to our tranquility room where Fi will begin your  journey to help you and your baby relax. 
Leave with a little bag of treats just for Mummy with love from BB. 
Available as a gift voucher. 

Pregnancy images .jpg

Sparkle back facial with light therapy with Keri and Dolly. 

The back will be thoroughly cleansed using a purifying gel & removed with heated mitts.

Using a fine scrub we will exfoliate the back applying a nice firm pressure across shoulders and back to make the treatment enjoyable and relaxing.

The light treatment will help aches and pains by renewing and repairing cells aswell as added benefits of the blue light to help clear any blemishes. Let our dermalux dispel your wardrobe fears along with your knots and tension.

This treatment is suited for everyone and we can tailor the light treatment for your specific fix needs.

(For acne prone skin this is great) and we 
would recommend a course to target concerns
Leave with your skin sparkling like a disco ball!
Per back facial £25.00
Set of 3 £60.00 

Lash extensions with Keri £45.00

Please book here


Keri is still completing lash bootcamp BB style. Keri is focusing on her speed and application techniques 

 As you know at BB we are always honest and clear regarding the skill and speed of our lash techs. Keri will need around two hours per set of lashes, we are charging just £30 for lashes with Keri.
You will need a patch test 48 hours before.

We will also be looking for models with Megan this week for lashes at just £15 for the first three sets, please email Caroline to book only at
You will need a patch test.

Why not join our make up evening with Ruby and Summer get some hints and tips and ask for advice on things that you want to know.
Real everyday make up advice.