Hard skin foot treatment. 

We all know that maintaining our feet in the summer months can be really hard work, at a time you want them to look attractive, they can often look their worst. 

With the foot logix medi pedi we are offering you just a hard skin treatment which you can have weekly if you want. 

Come in and spend 30 mins in our relaxing pedicure area and let us soak and exfoliate your feet. Then with our callus softner and magical foot file let us get your feet to flip flop ready perfection! We will apply the correct moisturiser and you will leave feeling like you're walking on air! 

30 min treatment £22.50 book for five weekly sessions and get your sixth free. 

Let's talk keratosis pilaris or bumpy, spotty rough arms.....

So what is keratosis pilaris first of all?

Keratosis pilaris occurs due to an over production or buildup of keratin, which is a protective protein found on the skin. The bumps can be surrounded by redness making the skin tone look uneven and can leave the skin rough to the touch. Its more common with peope with eczema or dry skin. 

What can we do to get rid of it?

With a combination of Dermalac and ACE body oil we can get it completley undercontrol and a beautiful texture and smoothness back in the skin. 

What is Dermalac and ACE oil?

Dermalac contains lactic acid which smoothes fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin, whilst lightly hydrating and plumping. 

ACE oil contains high level of vitamin A which is a skin regulator and skin repairer. It contains anti oxidants and Jojoba oil. 

Combined they are fantastic for dry and photo damaged skin, scarring, congestion, pigment and ingrown hairs most of which you will have if you suffer from this condition.

£83.00 combined RRP