We have finally done our Dermaplaning and so excited and ready to get going!
This is a highly skilled exfoliation of the dead cells and  it will also remove any vellus hair the skin is left brightened, vibrant and more receptive to your products. with your make up looking fresher and smoother.
Vellus hair can trap dirt and oil causing breakouts.
Treatments should be done no closer than four weeks. 
This treatment is £65.00 throughout May there is £10 off.
 We do recommend you have a Dermalux after to increase the benefits and glow to the skin. As a combined treatment £80 with £10 off.

dermaplaning 1.JPG
dermaplaning 2 .JPG

Launching our newest relaxation facial to BB the Intensive Densi-Age treatment.

A facial that takes you on a sensorial journey with exceptional results. 
The skin is left renewed & transformed, and the whole body left feeling like its had the most amazing massage experience. 

This treatment is a unique facial and is unlike any others we offer currently @ BB.
It begins with a "letting go touch" the art of relaxation and encourages you to relax the body and mind. The purpose is to remove negative emotions and therefore the negative consequences these emotions have on the skin.

Your skin is thoroughly exfoliated and you will be given your own konjac sponge  to take home, this aids removal of impurities and dead cells. 
This facial contains a collection of massages for detox, lymphatic drainage, lifting and remodelling. Finishing with an awaken the senses massage.
Your skin will be left with an increase in smoothness, firmness,suppleness and lifted.

£65.00 this month only
normally £75.00
80 minute treatment.
Includes free konjac sponge